We are excited that you have chosen to join our staff! We set high standards for all our employees to help them achieve success. The following information on our policies will help prepare you and make your transition smooth. In order to comply with The Joint Commission and client standards we require the following:

Dress Code

Business attire unless client specifies their own dress attire.

  • Closed Toe Shoes
  • Body art/piercings are not to be exposed
  • No ear gauge(s)
  • Wear I.D Badge while on duty


Keep your professional license current and update ASERETH with a current copy upon renewal. Your license is checked monthly to be sure it is current and clear.


We check references. Provide reliable and concrete references.

Background Check

We conduct criminal background checks upon hire and as client assignments dictate, when applicable and lawful. See Background Form for details.

Drug Testing

In compliance with the Federal Drug Free Work Place Act, we maintain a drug free work place.
Where and when appropriate and lawful, we request a drug and alcohol test for applicants.

HIPAA & Protected Health Information

Adhere to all HIPAA & PHI Guidelines at all times. See Privacy Policy for further details.

Inform Us

Call us for all Occurrences which arise.
Some are:

  • Sentinel Events – call us Immediately to report
  • If you are unable to make a confirmed assignment
  • If any emergencies occur


Not showing up to an assignment without notice or “leaving during your shift (“walking off the
shift”)” without notice is unacceptable. Failure to show up for an assignment without prior notice to ASERETH, persistent tardiness, or any other action that is regarded as misconduct in the workplace may be considered a voluntary quit.

Work Related Injuries, Safety & NPSG

Report All work related injuries and safety concerns. See Safety Manual. Employees are
covered by the company’s Worker’s Compensation Insurance Policy.

  • Avoid major physical labor
  • Do not work distracted
  • Do not drive a vehicle on behalf of the client
  • All work related injuries are investigated by our insurance company
  • The Joint Commission’s NPSG are provided annually


Evaluations are performed per assignment and bi-annually for clinical staff.

Workplace Etiquette

  • Be punctual to your assignments
  • Be courteous to all members of the client’s team including the patients and customers.
  • Do not engage in any form of solicitation while at work
  • Smoking is not allowed while on duty
  • Consuming alcohol is not allowed at work
  • Do not use your Cell Phone(s) or Text while on duty if not used for work purposes
  • Be safety conscious at all times. Adhere to the client’s work place safety rules.
  • Observe cleanliness and use aseptic technique
  • Do not waste time. If there is a lull in the work, find something to do
  • Do not use the client’s telephone for personal business without permission.
  • Use appropriate body mechanics

Asereth Employees

We provide Excellent Patient Care to all the patients we serve. As you work hard to execute on
this promise, remember that Caregivers Need Care Too. We encourage all Aserethians to take care of themselves and your loved ones.


Health, Dental, Vision

We provide benefits to qualifying employees. PPO and HMO options.

Unemployment Insurance

Our position is that while we believe in unemployment insurance, and cooperate fully with individuals who are entitled to it, we will not permit individuals to collect against our unemployment account illegally. Such situations are:
  • Job Refusal – when a person does not accept job offers
  • Voluntary Quit