Medical Staffing: Client FAQ

What is the benefit of hiring through a medical staffing agency?

Asereth’s medical staffing company saves you the time and cost of hiring and managing your own personnel. From job advertising fees and time spent screening and interviewing, to maintaining personnel records, we provide cost-effective staffing solutions customized to your needs. What’s more, a flexible workforce available when you need it will help increase productivity and revenue for your facility.

How is Asereth different from other medical staffing agencies?

Run by healthcare professionals, Asereth is in the best position to understand and meet your specific hiring needs. Depend on our 30+ years of healthcare staffing experience to provide the right clinician with the qualifications needed for your facility.

We need relief medical staffing ASAP. Can Asereth help?

Yes! Ready at a moment’s notice. Available 24 hours, 7 days a week. We’ll send qualified healthcare staff ASAP. Call anytime. We are here.

Does Asereth recruit for permanent placements or temporary healthcare jobs?

We recruit for both permanent and temporary healthcare jobs. We also provide staff for per diem, travel, and part-time positions.

Are there additional fees on top of the hourly rate?

No. Unlike other medical staffing agencies, our fee structure is clear and simple with no hidden fees. Asereth employees are covered by Professional Liability Insurance, Bonding Insurance, and Workers Compensation. Clients pay one hourly rate. Period.

The hourly rate you pay includes:

  • Medicare
  • Contribution to Social Security
  • State Unemployment
  • Federal Unemployment
  • Workers Compensation
  • PTO and Sick Pay
  • Health & Major Medical Insurance
  • Job Advertising
  • Screening & Interviewing
  • Payroll Processing
  • Pension Contribution

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